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Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still here. Cases are still on the rise. It has tried to destroy a lot of humans this year. It's been hard for those and family members of those who has contracted this horrible virus. It's been hard for those with small businesses. It's been hard for people who've lost their job. All around COVID has been the worst!

We all wish we could ignore this virus. There are ways we can work around it.

Limit extra in-person contact:

  • Let's talk on the phone or video chat! Emailing/texting is fine, too. If you're someone who has a specific idea in mind or wanting a full rundown of how things work a phone call is so much easier! 10 minutes vs going back and forth for hours/days.

  • Build your order over the phone. Once you pick out your favorites I can help you figure out what to order for what you need in your budget!

  • All payments and paperwork can be completed online; no need to meet up just for that.

  • No contact delivery on your orders!

Session Safety:

  • Outdoors sessions! It's easier to social distance when we're not cramped! Remember, my studio setup travels. It can be setup outside if you are wanting studio backgrounds.

  • Sanitizing is a must. Working with children this is nothing new. I'll have hand sanitizer with me, and we'll all avoid sticking our fingers in each others mouths. It's funny to type, but if you've been around a baby/small toddler it's harder than one would think.

  • I always have a mask with me. If we are forced to be indoors I will be wearing a face mask. Since you can't wear a mask it's important to feel absolutely safe. If you feel safer with me wearing a mask I will do so in a heartbeat! If newborns or elderly I will always wear one no matter the conditions.

  • I'll practice verbal posing. Sometimes it's easier to move my subjects where I want them, but I'll be trying my to use my words or mirror from a distance.

  • Communicate! Please, please, please, if you or anyone you've been around has been sick/had a fever within the last 14 days let me know. I'd rather we wait it out so we don't spread it to others.

If you're wanting to support me but aren't ready for a session you can always prepay or buy a gift certificate! I also do custom graphic design work and build crafty things.

If you have any concerns with anything please let me know! I want us all to feel/be safe.

Happy thoughts to everyone during the weirdest year of our lives!



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