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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of your questions before filling out a contact form!

If we've never worked together you may have some questions, understandably. I want to make this process as stress free as humanly possible! There's a lot of factors in finding a photographer. First, you look at their work! Please go through my portfolio galleries to make sure my style is the right fit for you! If you're liking what you see then I hope to check off some more boxes on your list with the following FAQ's.

Where do we start? No matter your session type I like to start by meeting with you to show you products, explain the process, and find out what you're needing within your budget. We communicate every step of the way. After your session I meet with you to go through your session and help build an order. I travel directly to clients, but we can meet anywhere you're comfortable. Those with kiddos are grateful to meet/photograph at their homes.

Do you travel? YESS!! I frequently travel to the Humboldt, IA area (where I'm from) for no travel fees. I love to travel and enjoy when clients present new locations. Family photos at the family farm? Beach wedding? I AM IN! Travel fees do vary!

Do you have a studio? Yes and no. I don't have a studio location other than my home. Most of my sessions are on-location, but I do have backgrounds and all that jazz for studio photos. The best part of that is my studio travels to you! My stands, lighting, backgrounds, etc. go wherever you need them to go! This is perfect for families with children and babies. Photographing at your home can relieve stress on you, as the parents, and your kiddos.

Pricing! Contact me for a pricing guide! I have a wide range of options to fit anyone's needs and budget. There is a la carte and package options. Session fees vary on session type and need to be paid for at the time of scheduling your session! After your session I will sit down with you, and we create your order. Payment plans are welcomed. Almost every client does a payment plan! I won't order/deliver your order until the balance is fully paid.

Prints or digitals? In this digital age I totally understand wanting your digital files. I do offer them for a price. Weddings and business portrait include them in the pricing. That being said, I don't hand digitals out for free/included in session fee. Fundamentally, doing that would be a bad business plan. My business does not exist to have your family session on social media. (don't worry you will have the opportunity to show them off on social media) I became a photographer to document lives and create beautiful pieces of work for your homes. Most of the time digitals sit on Facebook and nothing more. As an artist that breaks my heart. I want to create images that you want to display and appreciate for generations! I print products through professional labs for the best color management and quality of your artwork.

I hope this helped you find out if I'm the right photographer for you! If you still have questions or want a pricing guide please fill out a contact form! We can always meet up, and I can show you my work in person before scheduling anything.

Before you go, take a moment to enjoy this group of guys being fierce kittens. lolz Even on my worst days this GIF makes me giggle!

Taken in Key West for my bae's wedding celebration to the fiercest kitten on the far left :)

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